I am a Realtor.. how do I use this information to obtain listings?

Mail your marketing information to the homeowner or knock on the door and introduce yourself. As if they would like to sell and let them know if you have buyers for a quick sale.

Where do we obtain these records?

Our researchers collect the data directly from the court.

How often is the website updated?

Every business day except holidays and when the courts are closed.

How long do records remain on the site?

We archive 4 years of data.

What is Pre-foreclosure?

Pre-foreclosure is when a homeowner has had a Lis Pendens filed against them.

What is a Lis Pendens?

New Jersey is a Judicial Mortgage State. As such, a law suit known as a Lis Pendens must be filed by a Lender to start a foreclosure proceeding

How far behind on their mortgage payments are these homeowners?

Typically the homeowners are three to four months behind on their mortgage when the Lis Pendens is filed.

What happened to these homeowners?

There are many reasons for falling behind on payments. Loss of income and divorce are the most common. In a down market, the mortgage balance may be higher than the value of the home. Regardless of the reason, the borrower must take action quickly or the lender will end up repossessing their home.

Who makes the decisions regarding the property at this point?

At this early stage, the homeowner still makes decisions about the property.

What options do these borrowers have?

If they can no longer afford the payments, there are few options left for these borrowers. They can apply for a loan modification, refinance if they can, they can sell their home, they can possibly declare bankruptcy, or the Lender will eventually repossess the home.

What is forbearance?

A lender may agree to allow a homeowner to delay monthly payments for a short period of time. A forbearance agreement states that the amount owed will be paid at a later date.

Do the records contain the homeowner's telephone numbers?

No, telephone numbers are not filed with the courts.

Am I taking advantage of someone in a dire situation?

Short answer, it depends on how you go about your business. These borrowers are in need of help. If you truly try to help the borrower and do the best for them that you can, you are not taking advantage and are entitled to be compensated for your effort.

How do I contact these homeowners?

There are three basic ways to contact them. You can try to get their telephone number and call them. However, at this point they may not be answering the phone as many or all their creditors are calling. They may also be on a "Do not call list." You can canvass their neighborhood and knock on their door, which is the most direct path. And of course, write them letters. With the mailing label program included on the website, and the sample letters we provide, this is simplified.

How many letters should I write?

Advertising agencies will tell you that you need to get your name in front of people five times for them to recognize it. Do not be afraid to be up front and frank with these homeowners, especially if you have already put your name in front of them several times. Let them know what will happen to their credit if they go through foreclosure. Would they be able to buy another home one day? How they would feel to see their home auctioned on the courthouse steps. How it would feel to have the Sheriff come to evict them. Sometimes these homeowners need something to shock them into action. Inaction is the worst of all.

Should I let the homeowner know that I am aware of their circumstances?

Actually yes and no. If you are a Mortgage Loan Officer, Investor, or Bankruptcy Attorney, you will probably want them to know you are aware of the situation and are there to help. If you are a Real Estate Agent, you may want to keep this knowledge to yourself until you need it.

Should I contact the Attorney?

The Attorney makes absolutely no decisions at this point. They may not even speak to you until much later in the process. But you should certainly contact the attorney if you have worked out a deal with the homeowner.

What if there is no equity in the property?

Explore doing a Short Sale.

Can I export these records into another file?

You can export only the fields that are ordinarily contained in a mailing label.

How many counties do I get?

You have access to all 21 counties of The State of New Jersey.

How much does membership to this website cost?

Less than a dollar a day. The product itself is $29.95 per month. When you place your order, you are billed for your first 3 months of membership (3 increments of $29.95 = $89.95). You’ll be billed $29.95 per month thereafter beginning with the 4th month. There are discounts available for industry professionals.