WWW.NJLISPENDENS.COM is Jersey’s best source of pre-foreclosure listings.  Since 1993, we’ve been helping investors, Realtors and lenders understand the foreclosure process and find homeowners in default who need their help to avoid foreclosure.

WWW.NJLISPENDENS.COM is the only website that updates lis pendens pre-foreclosures EVERY DAY (that the courts are open) as they are filed in the courthouse.  We provide records for all 21 New Jersey counties in an easy-to-read, easy to understand format.  To view a sample of our data along with an explanation of each field, click here.

The number of Lis Pendens filed in New Jersey this year has increased over last year.  Several factors have contributed to this phenomenon, and the trend is expected to continue.  Why spend hours running from one court room to another, poring over multiple documents when a membership to www.njlispendens.com can provide it all in one complete, current, concise, and accurate database you can access right from your computer?  Be the first to market to homeowners who need your services. Join www.njlispendens.com and rely on us to do the legwork for you while you concentrate on the business of making money. As a member of www.njlispendens.com, you’ll have access to our database of 253530 pre-foreclosure records, with new records filed every day!  Join now.  Membership also includes a mailing label format, so you can begin your marketing campaign right away.


Morty K

I have been a Real Estate Investor for many years. I have spent countless hours in courthouses researching Lis Pendens. Unfortunately, it took so much time that I had to work very long hours just to conduct the rest of my business (landscaping). It’s so much easier and cost-effective to have you do the research for me! The website is more up-to-date than I could ever be even going there a few times every week.

Matt O

Just wanted to say “thanks.” I thought working with Pre Foreclosures would be a headache and not worth my time. Boy, was I wrong! I am averaging four listings a month from your website. Have a great holiday!

Joseph Z

I do not speak good English yet and I ask my wife to write this. We go to your meeting last month. We found a nice house in Wallington. The house needs work but I can do work. The people have to move and we made a good deal from your list.
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