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"I really like knowing that I'm buying local data from a local company. It makes a tremendous difference when I know I can count on accuracy."
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  • All 21 counties in NJ
  • Over 90,000 listings
  • Updated daily
  • Direct from courthouse
  • Many ways to search
  • Easy to use
  • Mailing label program
  • Special Realtor pricing


1.) Click Order Now to become a member of the website.
2.) Log in
3.) You will be taken to the Pre Foreclosure Property Search in New Jersey page. Select any combination of search criteria or as few as one. 

The Search Criteria are as follows:

  1. County (drop down menu)  All archived records for each county.
  2. Mortgage Amount (drop down menu) Select
  3. Monthly Payment By looking at the Original Mortgage, Mortgage Date, Interest Rate, and Monthly Payment, you may be able to approximate the Unpaid balance and equity.
  4. Interest Rate 
  5. Plaintiff
  6. Attorney  This field contains the last name of the attorney representing the plaintiff.
  7. Date Added To System OR File Date Range  Choose one or the other.  You can search current records or archived records.
  8. Street Address. (ie. 123 Main St) Every record with that street address will appear.  You may find multiple records for a particular address.  The records could be filed several months apart, with different mortgage amounts by different Lenders.  In that case you are probably looking at first and second mortgages.  You may find current records and/or records dating back a year or more.  This probably indicates that the borrower was behind on payments, was either able to do a workout or refinance and has fallen behind on payments again. The probability of this borrower being able to obtain a loan modification is not high. 
  9. City
  10. Zip Code
  11. Docket Number

Note: The most current  Lis Pendens will be always be at the top of your screen.  

The most popular search combination is County combined with Date Added to System.  After selecting your search criteria, click the Search button at the bottom.  

4.) The Lis Pendens records are formatted as follows:

  1. File Date. This is the date the file was received by the court. It usually takes the court three to five business days to process this information before it is released. Since we have researchers in the court house every day, this information is sent up to our site within hours. 
  2. Docket Number
  3. Address Physical address of the premises.
  4. County
  5. Lot-Block
  6. Original Mortgage  This is the amount of money borrowed when either purchased or refinanced.  This can be a second mortgage.
  7. Mortgage Date  The date that the mortgage commenced.
  8. Interest Rate
  9. Monthly Payment  By looking at the Original Mortgage, Mortgage Date, Interest Rate, and Monthly Payment, you may be able to approximate the Unpaid balance and equity.
  10. Defendant  The Defendant is the borrower.  At this stage, the borrower still has jurisdiction and makes all decisions regarding the property.
  11. Plaintiff  The Plaintiff is the Lender.
  12. Attorney  This is the attorney for the Lender who filed the Lis Pendens with the court on behalf of the Lender.
  13. Attorney Phone Number  Since the Attorney makes no decisions at this point, it is not recommended you contact him or her at this point.
  14. Terms  Number of years of the loan
  15. Area Map

5.) Tool Bar (at the top of the screen) is used to select functions.

  1. Home
  2. Property Search  Takes you to the Pre-Foreclosure Property Search in New Jersey page.
  3. Log Out  Please be sure to Log Out at the end of each session before closing the window or you may have difficulty Logging back in.
  4. Contact Us
  5. Listings  Totals of archived records for each county.  We archive up to 4 years of data.
  6. Mailing Labels  You can print mailing labels to do a targeted mailing by County, City, or Zip Code. Please print out the entire Instructions For Use page as it gives step-by-step directions to make the program work with your copy of Microsoft Word.
  7. My Account  You can view or change options by going to My Account.

6.) Sample Letters.

We have listed 5 sample letters that you can use as a template to contact homeowners.  This site was designed with the Real Estate Agent, Mortgage Loan Officer, Investor, and Attorney in mind.  The site contains records of homeowners who are three to four months behind on their mortgage when a Lis Pendens is filed.  This means that their Lender has started the foreclosure process.  Due to the backlog of the courts, it takes at least one year, in most cases, between the filing of the Lis Pendens and the Sheriff's Auction.  These borrowers have few options.  They can apply for a Loan Modification, Sell their home, possibly declare Bankruptcy or stay and be evicted after Sheriffs Auction.

Records on NJLispendens.com are updated daily.

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