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"I really like knowing that I'm buying local data from a local company. It makes a tremendous difference when I know I can count on accuracy."
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  • All 21 counties in NJ
  • Over 90,000 listings
  • Updated daily
  • Direct from courthouse
  • Many ways to search
  • Easy to use
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Dear Craig,

We just wanted to thank you for your help in finding us a home. My husband and I grew up in Northern Bergen County and wanted our children to be able to grow up here too. But, with the current housing market, we felt we might never be able to find an affordable home.

After speaking with you at the Metro Expo, we bought a membership to your Pre-foreclosure site NJLisPendens.com. As "babes in the woods," we really didn't know what to do with the information. Your staff was very helpful to us, especially Andrea and Katherine as they took the time to answer all our questions.

We found the type of property we were looking for. A very nice, elderly couple was living there. Because of declining health, they were having trouble keeping up with expenses. We were able to negotiate with them and their bank and ultimately arrived at a satisfactory deal all around. We just closed last week and are in the process of moving.

We owe it all to you and your staff. I am recommending your service to all our friends.


Elaine and Robert D.
Cresskill, NJ


Just wanted to say "thanks." I thought working with Pre Foreclosures would be a headache and not worth my time. Boy, was I wrong! I am averaging four listings a month from your website.

Have a great holiday!

Matt O.
Real Estate Agent
Monmouth County, NJ

Wanted to say "thanks." I am not an investor, but wanted to see if I could find an affordable shore house. Found a three bedroom ranch in Lavalette a few blocks from the beach!

Joe C.
Lodi, NJ.

Dear Sirs;

I have been a Real Estate Investor for many years. I have spent countless hours in courthouses researching Lis Pendens. Unfortunately, it took so much time that I had to work very long hours just to conduct the rest of my business (landscaping). It's so much easier and cost-effective to have you do the research for me! The website is more up-to-date than I could ever be even going there a few times every week.

Morty K.
Fair Lawn, NJ

I have successfully completed my third Short Sale. I found all three on njlispendends.com. I used to be a member years ago but I wasn't having much luck attracting sellers. I read your "How to Buy & Sell Foreclosures" Guide, re-joined the website, and applied a few very basic techniques from the book. The pattern was exactly the same on all three deals and I'm really happy with the results. This is addictive!

I saw the ad for the seminars. Can you tell me if you'll be doing anything in this area?

Bill R, Investor
Toms River, NJ

"... helps keep my listings funnel full"

Barbara G, Real Estate Agent
Mount Laurel, NJ

"Significantly increased our business"

Joe D, Mortgage Broker
Somerville, NJ

Dear Sir,

I do not speak good English yet and I ask my wife to write this. We go to your meeting last month. We found a nice house in Wallington. The house needs work but I can do work. The people have to move and we made a good deal from your list.

Joseph Z.
Paterson, NJ

Dear Mitch,

I guess this letter comes under the heading of not believing you can "teach an old dog new tricks!"

You came to our Real Estate Office and talked to us about Pre- Foreclosures and Short Sales. It was the first I had ever really thought about Pre-Foreclosures and I had never even heard of Short Sales. Also, I was very concerned about competition from other agents. So, I didn't really think this was for me. When my listings pipeline began disintegrating, I ordered access to the website www.njlispendens.com just to peruse the records in my small market area. I am so happy I did. While all my colleagues are suffering, I am actually doing better than last year and if this keeps up I will have my best year in the last three.

You were right...you have to work aggressively but at the same time, be sympathetic about what these homeowners are going through. Time isn't on their side so I try to help them understand the urgency. The right approach means everything.

Janet D, Real Estate Agent
Hamilton, NJ

"...I check the listings every day and I make sure I am the first to talk to them. It's key to my success."

Rajesh P.
Bergenfield, NJ

"...I don't usually write to companies, but in this case I wanted to say thanks. I am a novice Real Estate investor and thanks to the Lis Pendens, I am well on my way to making this my full time job!"

Seung K.
Palisades Park, NJ

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